About Us

ElegantInvest is an Australian-based investment management company. We offer advanced investment services to investors all across the world in Australian properties, residences and equities and other safest countries .

We cater to all type of investors, including those who are worried about some loss in their deposits due to economic fluctuations; those who want to switch their post-retirement life to Australia or other concerned countries; those who search for a stable investment option that can resist all financial crises; those who wish to invest their money securely with no risks and those who want to own a home or property overseas with their hard-earned money.

We assure you privacy of your investments and the Australian government is pretty favourable in respecting confidentiality of investors. Further, we help you transfer funds from your investments or properties in India to securely invest in Australian projects. We also act as a trustee of your investments in Australia till the date you require to return the funds.

What’s more, ElegantInvest will be up to lend a helping hand when you fly to Australia as part of your investments, by assisting you to get Australian visa and make easy your trips, accommodation and language barrier. It also covers arranging education and hospital treatment assistance for any of your family member in any facility.

Our team is well-trained to help you from the very first step of fund moving from India – whether it is asset or deposit – from any point of time you ask for our help. Once you take a membership in Elegant Club, you are a part of our family. We take up all your risks and threats. We take up risks, so give us the risks.


ElegantInvest’s international team works closely with our team in Australia and other countries. Our motto is to provide the best possible service to anyone who looks to invest or deposit in Australia and other concerned countries. Our team of professionals is up to ensure a full range of services to you in a great, enjoyable environment.

We work by combining our international team’s knowledge on international market with our local team’s familiarity with Australian market. It results in creating a healthy investment atmosphere that is amazingly friendly for investors, who look to put their money in Australian properties and assets. To make investment process enjoyable means creating a well-informed and comfortable atmosphere for investors. We do our best to ensure it.

Our representatives are happy to help you in any case. Whatever is your mandate – whether seeking to invest to in a luxury holiday home, a small residential space or a business entity – we will be in help of you. You can definitely have a homely feel as you deal with us.


Mutual trust is the key of investment business. Our paramount goal is to ensure our professional reputation and integrity that have been developed over the years. We do no compromise to the highest level of ethics and trust in availing the best service to our clients. We strictly ensure privacy of all the confidential information received from our clients. We interact with our clients so friendly that they will feel comfort in dealing with us.


We largely believe in the idea of working together. Key to our success is our people. We understand that each of us keeps a sense of pride. And success of our efforts comes when we work together. It is important that we should respect each other’s contributions and roles. We trust in our people. We train and make them professionals to serve you the best and lead you through all the vexations and pains of investment businesses boldly.


We trust in what we do. Success comes when we have a clear understanding of what we do. Based on this conviction does we go ahead to bring better results and profits for our clients and shareholders. While guaranteeing the interests of our clients, we build up and strengthen our own brand to let us provide you with more services.


We boast a breadth of experience and our team is rich with resources and technical skills to help you fix complex problems and issues.

We serve you in your spoken language. With a customer base from all across the world, we have deployed a multi-lingual team to reach to each customer in person, in his/her own language. It lets us serve you the best way we can and, for you, it is a solution to find solutions for all your issues very quickly.

We deliver a personal approach to each investor that ensures continuity of the businesses. Further, it makes us plan and work on custom-designed ideas to reach to specific objectives clearly.

. We are committed to our clients, making us to deliver the best solutions with high efficiency and cost effectiveness.

. To protect confidentially of our clients and ourselves, we consider our compliance and legal obligations seriously. Well, our compliance standards are put up on the regulations by the Financial Services Commission in the concerned countries .

. Our offices in Australia and other concerned countries are working with necessary licenses and other documents.

. We keep warm liaisons with the banking and other financial organisations to keep the interests of our clients.

 . Our behaviour is driven by our value of quality service and compliance.

. We nourish a strong customer support team that is capable to promptly respond to all your queries, doubts and concerns.

. We serve you with a legal, blanked and fair behaviour.

. Being an independent player in investment management business, we are often approached by private banks and professionals to provide them with specialist services.

. To add more value to our services, we intentionally position our services for intermediaries. It doesn’t mean that we will replace the advisers of the investors.

. We build up strong and deep relations with our customers to satisfy all their requirements in investment management services.

Our relations with clients are driven by Trust, Discretion, Reliability and Performance.    

Trust – Guaranteeing customers that their assets are safe.
Discretion – Offering total confidentiality.
Reliability – Responding reliably to our customer needs.
Performance – Delivering consistent commercial results.

ElegantInvest makes use of its expertise to propose better strategies for our clients for growth in asset investments. We advise them on how to execute mergers, acquisitions and underwriting capital requirements.

We respect both institutional and individual investors and realise that our performance in managing their assets is important for our success. As an investment management company, we take up the risks seriously to bring better solutions for clients. We deploy an ‘open architecture’ system to offer full range of wealth management solutions. It makes us propose a customised investment platform with the capability to provide asset allocation, risk analysis and selection of the best performing funds available, thanks to personalised and advanced financial management.

Overall, what distinguish the ElegantInvest’s banking activities are:

• Quality of advice
• A clear understanding of clients’ needs
• Access to many capital sources
• Efficient and timely execution