Welcome to our Diamond Club Program!

When you singed a mutual agreement with ElegantInvest you are eligible to enter the club as per your  classification. And you will get a card with all your mutual documents  and a user id and a password in a  micro sd card in your own name.

Silver Club

Silver scrll

This is for the members who invest a certain amount, which is not enough to make them eligible to enter into the Australian (or other concerned country) investment market. We usually combine silver club members and make them eligible to invest in Australian market. This is the primary club membership and its pricing starts from the amount of AUD50000 OR equal to other concerned currencies.

Gold Club

GoldIt is a club of our members who have invested an amount that gives them the opportunity to directly enter to the Australian property market. It makes the investors eligible to directly deposit in Australian bank accounts. We provide all arrangements for the stay of members and their family members in Australia during holidays or other situations like educational or medical requirements.

Platinum Club

platinum scrllThis is a club that merges all Silver and Gold club benefits. It also gives access for investors to the Australian investment market directly. We provide the members with all arrangements when they make visits to Australia for recreation or any other purpose. Moreover, Platinum Club offers you a chance to approach us directly to solve any special needs, risks and other difficulties

Diamond Club

Diamond scrllThis is our premium club and it combines benefits of Silver, Gold and Platinum clubs. Indeed, it makes you eligible to directly take part in the Australian investment markets. Further, members in this club are with no restrictions in demanding any needs on investments, visits and visas as per the concerned laws.

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