Our commitment and support to humanitarian aid and charities across our network.



          Be it carefully planned welfare measures or swift help in times of crises, ElegantCharity has done its bit to bring smiles back to helpless faces. Support to disease eradication measures, reconstruction of housing for earthquake and cyclone affected and provisions of drinking water to backward countries are some of the ElegantCharity notable donations. It also supports some organisations and initiatives working for social welfare.The two percent charitable commitment is achieved through sponsorship made directly by the ElegantInvest and through and contributions made by our beloved customers

charity phili

  Disaster relief: ElegantCharity support to relief measures include help to the victims of the 2014 Philippine Typhoon, donate to construct of houses for the Indian (north) flood victims, donation to the African Charitable Foundations  for Ebola Affected Area, donation to Sisters of Charity for child education from backward countries .

charity sudan

  Polio eradication and immunisation initiative with the World Health Organisation (WHO):During the National Immunisation Campaign from 2nd December 2011 ,donate to the funds  that were used specifically for purchase of oral polio vaccine for one million  children in weaker sections of overall the world include African and Asian Countries.

  Support to Charity Mission’s ‘Food for Life’ programme.

  Donations to Save a Child, Foster Plan and Plan International and donations to a number of non government organisations in India,Philippines ,Taiwan,Sudan,Uganda Sri Lanka etc.


          The ElegantCharity, a nonprofit public benefit part, serves as an agent for charitable contributions made by ElegantInvest. Established in 2009, the foundation has, throughout its years, supported the firm’s commitment to help meet the needs of the communities it serves. We strive to build a charitable contributions program that positions the ElegantCharity as an innovator of partnerships and a grant-maker intent on helping to create and sustain healthy communities.

We proactively invest in the communities in which the firm and its businesses operate, targeting resources to benefit low- to moderate-income populations. We believe that the ElegantCharity can achieve the greatest impact on the health of communities by targeting the following strategic funding categories:

  1. Affordable Housing
  2. Community Economic Development
  3. Education
  4. Environment
  5. Disaster Relief

Corporate Sponsorships

Our ElegantInvest corporate sponsorships program is intended to enhance our reputation and visibility by supporting the charitable work of we and our clients.

Children displaced by typhoon Haiyan enjoy art, games and festive birthday noodles at ChildFund's Child-Centered Spaces
Children displaced by typhoon Haiyan enjoy art, games and festive birthday noodles at ChildFund’s Child-Centered Spaces

Our Vision

We would like ElegantInvest to be an outstanding corporate citizen, and to be both the Fund Manager and employer of choice in each of our business markets.

Our Focus

We fund donations and sponsorships supporting a range of charitable categories, including:

  1. community economic development
  2. affordable housing
  3. education
  4. health & human services
  5. culture & arts
  6. emergency services
  7. the environment

We are particularly interested in donations and sponsorships supporting low-income populations and those that promote and enhance diversity in all forms.