Indians are now the largest migrant group making Australia their home, according to figures released from Australian Immigration Department.

in 2011-12 permanent migration from India reached 29,018; 15.7% of the total number of people in Australia’s migrant program.

In 2010-11, China was Australia’s number one source of permanent migrants with 29,547 visas. The year before was Britain, with 25,738 migrants. Britain had until then held the top spot since current records began.

Director of the Australia India Institute Professor Amitabh Mattoo says that there are a multitude of reasons why so many Indian people call Australia home; including shared values and language, and the fact that Australia is a “fantastic country, with great natural resources, a great work environment, and great infrastructure”.

During the 2006 Census, 147,106 Australian residents declared that they were born in India, of which 79,025 held Australian citizenship. The states with the largest Indian-born residents were New South Wales (57,156), Victoria (52,853) and Western Australia (15,157). 64,968 declared they were Hindu, 49,975 declared they were Christian and 26,500 declared they wereSikh. Other minorities include Muslims and Zoroastrians.243,722 Australian residents declared that had Indian ancestry, either alone or in combination with another ancestry.

The Indian-born community more than doubled between 2004 and 2009 to 308,542, making it the second largest non-European group in Australia after Chinese-born Australians.In 2009 there were an additional 90,000 Indian Students studying at Australian tertiary institutions

Total population

295,362 (by birth)
390,894 (by ancestry)
1.9% of the Australian population (2011)

Selling properties to overseas investors is big business in Australia. The Foreign Investment Review Board approved $51.9 billion worth of investment into the real estate sector last year, and $19.7bn was poured into the residential real estate sector.