AsiaMerlionSingapore CroppedSingapore is a major International Financial Centre and considered as one of the best places in Asia from which to conduct International Trade and Investment.

At the heart of Singapore’s thriving business culture is a unique blend of competitive strengths that makes Singapore the location of choice for global enterprises. The combination of core competencies, physical location, Western sophistication and Eastern growth potential confers a host of benefits to businesses.

The Singapore taxation system is territorial and therefore income tax is only levied on net income from Singapore sourced revenue or on foreign sourced income remitted to Singapore.

The corporate tax rate is currently 17%. There is no capital gains tax and Singapore does not impose withholding tax on the payment of dividends, rentals or technical assistance. It is also important to note that Singapore provides certain exemptions on foreign income remitted to Singapore. If such income has suffered taxation of at least 15% in the remitting country.

Singapore has an extensive double taxation treaty network covering 80 countries including China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. A limited treaty exists with the United States of America which covers only income from shipping and/or air transport.

Attractive tax framework One of the most attractive aspects of Singapore as an offshore jurisdiction is that it has one of the lowest taxation rates in Asia.

Non-residents who park their money in Singapore pay no taxes if that money is earned outside of Singapore, and investment gains earned in Singapore (from stocks for example) are also exempt from tax.

Singapore is also one of the few offshore centers which was not included in the EU Savings Tax Directive in 2005, an EU initiative to exchange information on EU citizens parking money abroad for tax reasons. In Singapore, not paying taxes owed to foreign authorities is not a crime.

In 2004, Singapore amended its trust laws to allow foreigners to sidestep state interference in many European countries which dictates how inheritance is carved up.

Banking secrecy laws Singapore has very strict banking secrecy laws: customer confidentiality can only be lifted under a court order. A sentence of $78,000 or three years in prison is given for the disclosing of information about customers and their accounts.


A Singapore Company is deemed to be resident if the central management and control is exercised in Singapore. Therefore if the Directors and Members reside outside Singapore the company would be deemed to be non-resident for tax purposes thus foreign sourced income, which is not remitted to Singapore, would not be chargeable to taxation.

Singapore Company & Bank Account At your option you can elect to have a Singapore company in your chosen name. Just select three names in order of preference bearing in mind the companies suffix should end in an Inc., Ltd. or Corp. One of your three company names is sure to be available for creation.

Approval of your company name availability takes one or two working days to confirm and we will inform you immediately thereof. Your company papers, bank papers and digit pass [for online internet banking authentication] will be sent by courier to the client anywhere in the world.

Your business address can be in another country other than where you reside. If you require a mail accommodation address, please e-mail us for the modalities.

A Seychelles, Belize,Hongkong or Nevis Company & Singapore Bank Account

Our Seychelles, Belize or Nevis company and Singapore bank account is one of our customers favorites. Its offer fast and easy opening in just a short period of time.
Included is an offshore company in the Seychelles, Belize or Nevis in your selected name. Also included is your own company bank account at one of the top banks in Singapore. This strong and safe bank offers easy to use swift bank wires incoming and outgoing ability in multi currencies, i.e. Euro, GBP, USD, etc. If you wish to use your current company papers for opening the Singapore company account, the cost will be less.

We are able to open corporate accounts for entities incorporated in BVI, Seychelles, Belize, and any other jurisdictions, as long as they are not under the sanctioned list.

Alternatively you can use your own offshore company so long as your company papers are current and as long as they are not under the sanctioned list.You can also deposit cheque’s for deposit into your company account as well. The banks customer service is excellent, amongst the best we’ve experienced in a good while!

The bank account set up time is very fast. In fact this setup offers the fastest setup time for an offshore bank account that we have seen in a very long while indeed!For your bank account add a few extra working days from the time all completed and signed forms are received and in good order.

Your “Seychelles, Belize or Nevis Offshore Kit” includes:

* Certificate of Incorporation
* M&A
* Subscribers Resolution (which includes appointment of director and shareholder)
* Bearer Share Certificate
* Inclusive of course is all government fees and taxes, registered agent and registered office services for the first year.
* Multi currency bank account in Singapore with easy to use internet banking and swift bank wire ability.

The bank’s requirements are: The client simply needs to engage a notary public to certify your passport copy and current utility bill [less than three months old,], plus witness you signing the bank application forms. Absolutely no banker’s references are required!

Please send us a mail for a Singapore Company and Singapore bank account opening, including internet banking and an ATM card.

In the event you require a Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder please mention separately. This option is recommended for added privacy if desired. In addition you will need to submit a short Business plan of your company, which we’ll be happy to assist you with after we receive your paid order.

The bank in Singapore is tops offering first rate customer service, something sorely missing in many banks in today’s world. Please understand that due to contractual agreement we are unable to disclose the names of our banks on offer until and unless we receive a paid order.

Act now for a world class bank and world class jurisdiction. To order and pay by Bank Wire Transfer, Pecunix, Liberty Reserve, MoneyGram or Western Union, please inform us to order .